Browar Przystań Restaurant in the Park of Silesia– stage 2

Stage: 2
Year: 2013
Other stages: 1 3
Description of the implementation

Continuing the collaboration with the Investor since 2012, we coordinate activities, so that the outstanding on the Silesia map place could be open for early 2014. The elements, which inevitably influence the attractiveness of the Browar Przystań include: a restaurant, a mini-brewery, a café and patisserie serving pastries and ice cream prepared according to traditional recipes, organizing MICE events in professional conference rooms located on the second floor of the building. All this and much more in the largest urban park based in the heart of the largest Polish agglomeration.

Scope of activities within this stage 2:

  • investment supervision,
  • architectural consultation,
  • selection of kitchen technology and mini-brewery,
  • project management.
Scope of services within this stage

  • Financial consulting
  • Management
  • Operators
  • Research and analyses