Oświęcim, a 3-star hotel

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Year: 2010
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Description of the implementation

Oświęcim is situated in a region of international significance which boasts an attractive offer in the field of tourism, agritourism and entertainment due to development of 3 river valleys. Obviously, cultural tourism is predominant in Oświęcim as the Auschwitz Museum held at the former concentration camp is
the primary tourist product offered by the town.

Within the order, Hotel Consulting Group developed two versions of a business concept and presented pros and cons of each of the solutions. This approach enabled preparing a fully secure business plan. The project was challenging but very interesting at the same time due to the fact that it involved conversion of industrial buildings.

  • marketing strategy
  • business plan
  • architectural advisory services
Scope of services within this stage

  • Design & Equipment
  • Operators
  • Research and analyses