Polskie Tatry S.A. – Audit and development strategy of the company

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Year: 2014
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Description of the implementation

Polskie Tatry S.A. is a state-owned company with over 20 years tradition in tourism and services. Located in the heart of the Podhale – Zakopane – provides comprehensive services in the field of hospitality and recreation. It consists of: Aqua Park Zakopane, 3 hotels and guest houses and 3 dining options.

In view of the clear deterioration of the economic situation in the local hospitality market, constantly increasing competition and the need to establish a long-term strategy for each object separately, and the whole company, the Management Board has chosen HCG to assist in the development of a comprehensive analysis of options for further action and development.

The scope of the order aimed at establishing the company’s strategic development plan for the years 2014 – 2020 included, among others:

  • sales and accounting audit
  • marketing audit
  • assessment center
  • research and analysis of supply and demand structures and absorbency of the local market
  • framework program of activities including time schedule
  • proposal of changes in the market positioning of each of the property and the whole company
  • investment budgets for each of the property and the whole company for the next six years
  • operating budgets for each of the property and the whole company for the next six years
  • the definition of “milestones” of the proposed changes
  • system for assessing the implementation of strategies and partial plans

We believe that our assistance in the preparation of this important document will help the company brand Polskie Tatry SA once again climb high and leave the competition behind.

Scope of services within this stage

  • Financial consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Operators
  • Research and analyses
  • Restructuring
  • Training