Air Hotel, Warsaw – stage 2

AirHotel etap2
Stage: 2
Year: 2015
Other stages: 1
Description of the implementation

Following the successful completion of the first phase of work, the investors invited the HCG Group to further cooperation and asked us to conduct comprehensive management of the investment up until the hotel launch date. This has led to the concept of Air Hotel, which is now gradually being implemented. A range of services that we provide for the Investor is broad and covers such as:

  • development of a detailed service concept of the object,
  • writing a catering service model to be used at the hotel,
  • execution of the kitchen technology project,
  • implementation of the project design,
  • carrying out of the project front/side elevation,
  • development of the hotel logo and visual identity system,
  • setting up the Internet service,
  • development of a marketing strategy,
  • writing the book of standards,
  • creation of principles of personnel policy.
Scope of services within this stage

  • Design & Equipment
  • Marketing consulting
  • Pre- opening
  • Technical supervision