The Zielonym do Góry Restaurant

zielonym do góry - zdjecie główne, na stronę główną
Stage: 1
Year: 2016
Other stages: 2
Description of the implementation

The district of Podgórze is becoming more and more popular in Cracow, although there are still few good, interesting restaurants. Therefore, the creation of a new one at the intersection of Na Zjeździe and Lwowska streets was quite a challenge. Long months of culinary searches resulted in the original concept based on vegetables – both fresh and pickled – and a working project name eventually became the official name of the restaurant. Apart from creation of the full service concept, HCG is also an interior designer and served the investment throughout its creation.

Scope of services within this stage

  • Design & Equipment
  • Financial consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Research and analyses
  • Technical supervision